Should I Replace or Repair My Tub in Summit, NJ?

Bathtub Repair Summit NJIf you are in the market for a new bathtub because yours is old, damaged, or discolored, you should stop and consider all your options. The cost of replacing a tub can exceed $1,000.00, especially when you factor in removing the old one and installing the new one. Plastic bath fitters are another quick option that gives you back your bathroom in 24 hours. The problem with bath fitters is that the costs range between $1,000 and $10,000 (depending on size and customization). These costs are often too much, so people live with their current tub. Read more

How to Protect Yourself When Refinishing Your Bathtub

Many homeowners in South Orange, NJ, complain about wear and tear to their bathtubs. With time, it’s common for tubs to experience signs of damage, such as dents and discoloration. You may wonder how to fix this issue. Thankfully there’s a less expensive way than removing and replacing your old tub. Bathtub refinishing is an excellent option. We provide the best bathtub reglazing South Orange, NJ offers. Choosing bathtub refinishing in South Orange, NJ instead of purchasing a brand new tub saves time and money. Read more