Q: Why does it pay to reglaze?

The first reason is COST! You can make your bathroom wall tiles and tub look as good as new with reglazing without the high cost of replacement.

Q: How long will the reglazing process take?

For a standard size tub about 2.5 hours.

Q: How long do I have to wait to use my tub after reglazing?

24 hrs.

Q: Will the old caulk be removed and replaced with new caulking?

Yes, and there are no hidden fee’s for this, this is included in the price.

Q: How long will the reglazing last?

If proper care is used which we will brief you on, it should last 10-15 yrs.

Q: How do I clean the newly reglazed tub and wall tiles?

Do not use any abrasive cleaners, only Dawn dish liquid or regular 409 cleaner.

Q: Can chipped areas be repaired?

Yes, we use a filler compound to accomplish this.

Q: If my tub was reglazed and the job was not done correctly at that time and my tub is starting to peel and blister can it be reglazed?

Yes, this is why it is so important to use a qualified professional for the reglazing process, remember all reglazers are not created equal!

Q: Can I choose or change color?

Yes, you can choose any color you like, we will custom mix it for you.

Q: Will there be a strong odor and for how long?

There will be an odor comparable to the smell of something that was freshly painted this will disappear in a few days. When we reglaze we use a ventilation system to minimize odor.

A quick note about grout:
Once your wall tiles are reglazed your grout lines will be sealed, this means no more mildew buildup, no more grout cleaning.