Are Bath Fitters Worth the Cost?

Top Reasons to Consider Bathtub Refinishing in North Jersey

You’re not alone if you’re tired of staring at your old, grungy bathtub that’s seen better days. Many homeowners find themselves enchanted by the siren song of bathtub fitters, a solution often touted on radio and TV as a quick and budget-friendly fix. It’s easy to get swept up in the promise of a bathtub transformation that’s both speedy and easy on the wallet. Read more

Why Bathtub Refinishing in New Jersey is the Cost-Effective Choice: Material Selection

The More You Know: Bathtub Refinishing NJ

Old, ugly-looking bathtubs are an eyesore. They can be so uncomfortable that people prefer not to use the tub. People in these situations often resign their fate to accepting the tub’s condition, thinking that renovations can cost over $2000. Removing and replacing a tub is costly, but there are other ways to freshen up a tub and bathroom. Read more