Is Tile Painting a D.I.Y Job?

Top Reasons to Avoid Painting Your Own Tile

What can be done when bathroom tiling looks old and outdated? The expensive and timely option is to remove tiles and install new ones, but who has the time or money for that? For those seriously interested in revitalizing their bathroom and making it look new, you should consider bathroom tile paint. Yes, it is possible to paint tiles, but before you rush out to pick up paint at a local hardware store, there are things you first need to know. First and foremost, you should be working with the best tile painting Elizabeth NJ has to offer you. This is important because tile painting is complex, toxic, and easy to mess up. Read more

Options For Restoring Bathtubs in Bloomfield NJ

Tile Painting Woodbridge NJThere is something special about a brand-new bathtub. It is inviting, and when you get in, it is often a calming and relaxing experience. Because bathtubs get used so much, they are prone to wear. Scratches, minor dents, and color fading are typical for bathtubs as they age. If a family uses the tub with kids, the likelihood of damage goes up substantially. Do you wait until the tub is unusable to act? Often, people wait until tubs need to be replaced, even though damaged tubs are unappealing to look at. Although there are many reasons people choose to wait, the main reason is a lack of knowledge of how tubs can be repaired. There are multiple options for restoring a tub, which gives homeowners great options. Leading bathtub refinishing in Bloomfield, NJ can safely and efficiently restore beauty to your bathroom.

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The Importance of Regrouting and Maintaining Tile in New Jersey

One of the most common areas of neglect in many homes, particularly bathrooms, is maintaining the grout between the tiles. Many homes we go into have original 4X4 square tiles from years ago from when the home was built. Most grout lines are original and have lost their density over the years. Some are missing grout in different areas entirely. Some of these grout lines are 50-plus years old, and most people ignore them until it becomes a bigger problem. As a leading company for regrouting, tile painting, and bathtub refinishing in Summit, NJ we can help restore your grout and tiles. Read more