Top Three Reasons You Shouldn’t DIY Reglaze or Paint Your Bathtub

Bathtub Reglazing in NJ Should be Left to the Pros

The allure of a pristine, newly reglazed bathtub is hard to resist. Many of us have stood in our bathrooms, dreaming of transforming that worn, chipped tub into a gleaming centerpiece. The internet has articles and videos promising quick and easy DIY solutions. But before you pick up that brush, consider this: reglazing or painting a porcelain bathtub is far from a simple weekend project. Read more

Why is My Porcelain Bathtub Chipping?

Seeing your porcelain tub start to peel and chip can be both frustrating and worrying. You want your bathroom to be a place of cleanliness and relaxation, but peeling paint can turn it into a source of stress. Understanding why this common issue happens is crucial for finding an effective solution. Read more