Can a Bathtub be Painted?

Old bathtubs can be an eyesore. Chipping paint, mold, and discolored tiles don’t set the mood for a relaxing soak in warm water. Painting a tub may seem like an agreeable DIY solution, but it can lead to more expensive repairs and a less aesthetically appealing bathroom. The paint and primer used for this process is also more toxic than regular wall paint, so special health precautions need to be taken. Professional bathtub refinishing in North Jersey is a superior option for giving your old tub the brand-new makeover it deserves. Read more

Transform Your Home with Tile Reglazing: A Cost-Effective Renovation Solution

Stepping into a room with worn or outdated flooring can make your home feel less inviting. Nobody wants their bathroom or kitchen to resemble a well-used public restroom or diner. While full-tile remodels are expensive and labor-intensive, there are workaround solutions to giving your bathroom the makeover it deserves. Tile reglazing in New Jersey is a budget-friendly alternative that can leave your bathroom looking as good as new. Read more