The Importance of Regrouting and Maintaining Tile in New Jersey

One of the most common areas of neglect in many homes, particularly bathrooms, is maintaining the grout between the tiles. Many homes we go into have original 4X4 square tiles from years ago from when the home was built. Most grout lines are original and have lost their density over the years. Some are missing grout in different areas entirely. Some of these grout lines are 50-plus years old, and most people ignore them until it becomes a bigger problem. As a leading company for regrouting, tile painting, and bathtub refinishing in Summit, NJ we can help restore your grout and tiles. Read more

Most Important Aspects of a Bathroom Refresh

Think of how important the bathroom is in your home. It’s used multiple times a day, and it’s often the place you turn to recharge after a long, stressful day. If your bathroom is outdated with old, dingy fixtures, it could add to your stress. From flooring to a new vanity, there are many ways to freshen up your bathroom. One quick and easy way to refresh your bathroom is with bathtub refinishing in Woodbridge, NJ.

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Should I Reglaze or Replace My Tub in Somerset County, NJ?

From scratches to stains, with time, your tub will see the effects of prolonged use. With excess wear and tear, you may wonder if you should opt for bathtub reglazing or replace your old tub and buy a new one. While a new tub is relatively inexpensive, with some costing as little as $500, there are plenty of hidden fees associated with replacing your old tub. Opting for the best bathtub painting Somerset County offers is more cost-effective.

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Top Reasons to Keep a Cast Iron Bathtub in Union, NJ

Many people opt to remove and replace the bathtub when moving into a new home or renovating their bathroom. While cast iron bathtubs are beautiful and luxurious, they can experience significant wear and tear if not properly maintained. However, do not toss your tub. There are many benefits to keeping your cast iron tub with the help of bathtub painting and refinishing. The best bathtub reglazing Union is essential for keeping tubs looking and feeling like new. Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Tub & Tile Painting in Union, NJ

Many A1 Tub and Tile clients inquire about their tub or tile care after its refinished. First, the glaze we use – ULTRA GLAZE- is the most durable glaze. You cannot buy it in a store or online. It is an exceptionally durable glaze, but it needs to follow specific care instructions like any finish. Always trust the best tile refinishing Union NJ has to offer.

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What are My Color Options for Bathtub Refinishing in Union, NJ?

Are you frustrated by the color and state of your bathtub? Do you feel like there is nothing you can do because all options are too intrusive and costly? You do not have to wait any longer because the solution is quick, effective, and affordable. If you are looking for an alternative to bath fitters and replacements, your first consideration should be bathtub refinishing Union NJ. In short, the process fixes minor damages and changes the color of existing bathtubs, which means that there is no purchasing of new tubs or installing plastic over an existing tub. This service is ideal for homes that have older, sturdy tubs. Bath fitters and inexpensive replacements often do not feel as good as these older tubs.

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