Top Reasons to Avoid D.I.Y Tile Reglazing in NJ

A simple Google search makes it seem like tile reglazing is as easy as 1, 2, 3; in reality, that is not the case at all. A false sense of the job being easy makes regular, everyday people think they can safely and effectively take care of the home project itself. The problems experienced with D.I.Y tile reglazing include:

  • Poor quality work
  • Unfinished work
  • Dangerous working conditions
  • Damaging other parts of the bathroom

Tile Reglazing NJThe leading causes of the above problems stem from two places.

  • Familiarity with Epoxy or Resin:Knowledge of how these materials work, including their mixing ratios, application techniques, and curing times, is vital. Different products may have unique characteristics that affect their application and final appearance.
  • Surface Preparation:The ability to properly prepare the tile surface is foundational. This includes thorough cleaning to remove grime, oils, and any sealants. Sanding the tile to create a surface that the reglazing product can adhere to requires understanding which grit of sandpaper to use and how much sanding is necessary without damaging the tile.

Tile Reglazing in NJ is a Trusted Profession

Our team of pros are experts at brightening old bathrooms, including tile reglazing and bathtub painting. Besides knowing the materials and how to handle them, several other factors should sway a person from doing their own tile reglazing in NJ.

Common Pit Falls of D.I.Y Tile Reglazing

  • Equipment and Material Quality:The quality of tools and materials can significantly affect the outcome. Lower-quality kits may not provide the desired finish or durability, requiring a redo sooner than expected.
  • Proper Ventilation and Safety Precautions:The chemicals used in the reglazing process can be hazardous. Ensuring adequate ventilation and adhering to safety precautions is crucial, which can be difficult in poorly ventilated spaces or for those unfamiliar with handling such chemicals.
  • Time-Consuming:The process is not only labor-intensive but also time-consuming, requiring multiple steps that include cleaning, sanding, and applying several layers of product, each needing to dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.

There are so many reasons to reach out for the help of professionals. In the modern Internet age, people are taking more and more risks when it comes to home D.I.Y projects. From websites like to YouTube videos, the promise of saving cash and doing the work yourself is growing. Yes, some projects work for all homeowners, but other jobs, like tile reglazing in NJ, should be left to the pros.

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