Should I Have Bathroom Tiles Painted?

Traditionally speaking, if a person didn’t like bathroom tiles’ color or status, their only option was to rip them out and replace them. Many advances in paint technology allow professionals to restore tiles to their original beautiful status. Tile paint can also change old colors to give bathrooms new and vibrant looks. Tile painting in New Jersey is a means of renovating and renewing your bathroom without the hefty costs of an actual remodel.

Why should you consider painting bathroom tiles?Tile Painting

First and foremost, this is the most cost-effective way to revitalize your bathroom. If you haven’t gone shopping for tiles recently, you will probably be surprised to find just how expensive they are. When shopping, you’ll hear five or $6 per square foot, which doesn’t seem like much until you must buy 100 plus square feet of tiling. after that purchase, you now must factor in the cost of ripping out old tiling and replacing it. A job like this can easily cost over $2000. Tile painting, on the other hand, costs substantially less. It is important to remember that even though tile painting costs less than replacing tiles, that doesn’t mean that you are cheaping out and taking the quick band-aid style fix.

The cost for tile painting is based on the total area of tiles being painted, which means that each job has a different cost. Tile painting offers endless looks, meaning that users can change the color of existing tiles to something more desirable and modern. You can easily darken, lighten, and even apply patterns to fit existing bathroom aesthetics.

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