Causes of Discoloration in Bathtubs

Bathtub Reglazing Bloomfield, NJWith time, many homeowners will start to notice discoloration in their bathtubs. Even with excessive scrubbing and cleaning, it’s often difficult to remove stains once they begin to accumulate. Too much discoloration will start to make your bathtub look old and dingy. The best way to remove discoloration and have your tub looking new again is with the best bathtub refinishing Bloomfield, NJ offers. Bathtub reglazing is a quick and cost-effective option for restoring a discolored bathtub.

 What causes discoloration in bathtubs?

  1. Strong Cleaners – Harsh cleaners are not recommended for bathtubs as they can cause damage. Chemicals such as lye are strong enough to discolor, damage, or erode the chrome plating. When you choose the best bathtub reglazing Bloomfield, NJ offers, you won’t need strong cleaners to ensure it remains pristine. After refinishing your tub, avoid the following cleaners:
    1. Chlorine bleach
    2. Acid-containing cleaners
    3. Steel wool
    4. Scouring pads
    5. Abrasive cleaners
  2. Soap Scum – Soap scum shows itself with a tacky, filmy substance that’s difficult to remove with simple scrubbing. Hard water and the use of soap products will lead to soap scum.
  3. Hard Water – Hard water is one of the top causes of tub discoloration. The deposits that hard water leaves are called limescale. Limescale deposits often lead to a raised texture in an orange or brown color.
  4. Mildew Stains – Bathtubs with shower curtains usually have mildew growing on the side of the tub blocked by the curtain liner due to extra-high humidity.

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